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Virtual Medical Coaching is an Edtech company specializing in Big Data, artificial intelligence, and Virtual Reality for learning complex or dangerous tasks in a safe, immersive, and realistic environment.

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Master the techniques before entering the clinical environment ensuring the feedback is not from adverse events.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality simulation is taking off at an accelerating rate. Not only is the hardware improving but the techniques for this training style are becoming more sophisticated and embedded in learning paradigms.

Adaptive Learning

Delivering the same information to all learners regardless of their needs and abilities is an approach driven by linear methodologies.

Projection Radiography

Radiation Safety


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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Adaptive Learning

Distance Learning

"We implemented virtual reality learning resources using Virtual Medical Coaching radiography software in 2020/21 to supplement our simulation education in our digital x-ray room.  We have utilized both the practice and assessment modes with our students and find that it provides a safe environment for them to learn radiographic techniques independently, with staff support when needed.    We have found the team from Skilitics wonderful to work with.  They answer any questions rapidly and worked closely with our IT department to ensure we were up and running immediately after purchasing the virtual reality equipment."

Dr Karen Knapp

- Associate Professor
"Our students have found the use of the software to be a positive learning experience. Virtual Medical Coaching utility has ensured that vital learning and experience is not lost, particularly at a time when clinical placement time was restricted due to the COVID19 pandemic."

Dr Brain Chaka

Associate Professor
"I was very excited to be integrating Virtual Medical Coaching software into our curriculum. The desktop version allows students to continue to apply theory into practice in their own homes. This enhanced accessibility to an x-ray room means students can practice at any time of day rather than being restricted to slots on campus in our x-ray room. Students have enjoyed using the software and combined with reflective practice shows promise in supporting their clinical practice.
The on-boarding process by the Virtual Medical Coaching team was smoothly delivered, allowing for plenty of questions and demonstrations ensuring staff felt comfortable to teach students using this pedagogical approach. The support has been excellent and swift."

Naomi Shiner

Programme Leader BSc
"This was a stand out for the judges due to the way Virtual Medical Coaching used technology to change the student learning experience and enable greater success,

Carol Brown

Higher Education Lead  Microsoft
"We have been collaborating with Virtual Medical Coaching for three years now and it has been a real adventure in innovating our teaching and learning. The products are superb and have had a demonstrable effect in improving student performance in clinical practice. In addition, the continuous support we have received especially during the pandemic has enhanced our VR training portfolio and this is something we will continue to capitalize on the “new normal” teaching and learning environment. Virtual Medical Coaching has proved excellent partners for our teaching and learning needs."

Dr. John Stowe

-Assistant Professor
“An exciting learning experience that captured all the important aspects of taking x-rays.”

Kathryn Boddington

- Senior Lecturer
“Great fun and amazingly realistic – an invaluable learning tool for students!”

Lauren Jones

- Clinical Tutor
"It is a great addition to the skills labs we currently have and if a student does not have a partner to practice with, this is a great tool to supplement that needed practice time and it helps students improve upon positioning skills and also patient and radiation technologist safety with regards to radiation exposure. I cannot express the customer service enough and how grateful the radiology program here at Austin Community College is to the continued support of both James and Glenn and the team at Virtual Medical Coaching"

Jennifer Rigsby

- Program Director
“This is really helpful for us as 3rd-year students who haven’t been in a clinical department for 9 months”

Mel Smith

- Senior Lecturer
“That’s amazing. I think it would really benefit 1st-year students as it would help to consolidate students’ knowledge and prepare them for clinical placement.”

Hannah Hammond

- Student
“One of the most exciting initiatives in my time here has beenVirtual Medical Coaching embedding the VR solution”

Kay Giles

“As a student, it can be hard to get hands-on experience and the practical labs may not always be available. I feel having something like this would be very useful in learning the general positioning, and for preparing for OSCEs.”

Daniel Bowman

- Student
“Way better than the computer simulation software we used at my school. I loved it!

Samar Jeffrey

- Student
“That is amazing! I wish something like this had been available during my education.”

Hayley Johnson

- Student
“This would be very useful as a learning tool. Great way to get hands on without exposing a real patient. I know it would help me as I am a hands-on learner.”

Sasha Leuty

- Student
"Virtual MEdical Coaching’s Virtual Reality Edition has been an invaluable, radiographic procedural tool for our students. In their immersive VR world, student radiographers are able to position a patient, select technical factors, and create multiple images without the use of ionizing radiation. Incorporating Skilitics VR into our curriculum has facilitated increased procedural confidence in our students.”

Bruce Oda

- Director/Chair
"I reached out to James Hayes and received an immediate response. I found the customer service to be superior and his knowledge, passion, and belief in the product and what it would bring to enhancing the training of future radiation technologists sold me even more. We are excited to bring this amazing technology to our students. I have found the VR technology simulation to be exactly what students need to develop the skills they need prior to entering the clinical environment."

Jennifer Rigsby

- Program Director
According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers learners trained with VR were up to:

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More confident to act on what they learned after training

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Faster than classroom training on average

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More focused than e-learners

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More emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners

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